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SPACE inc. is a dedicated manufacturing company for CCTV lenses founded in 1984. All processes, from designing to processing (polishing, coring, coating, processing of metallic parts, mold building, printed circuit board mounting and product assembly) are carried out in-house, in a fully integrated environment

SPACE inc. offers approximately 170 types of lenses; for example, megapixel day and night lenses for IP cameras, day and night varifocal lenses for commodity facilities, super telephoto motorized zoom lenses for national border monitoring, motorized zoom lenses for car number recognition, motorized zoom lenses for street surveillance, 5 megapixel lenses for machine vision and 3.6 megapixel motorized zoom lenses.

The in-house integrated production system enables us to eliminate indirect costs and to meet our customers' high demands with a swift response and tight delivery times. Having all the processes in one place gives us a seamless quality control. We pride ourselves on being "A lens company who offers an efficient and flexible service" and "A lens company who is willing to handle customers' requests" at all times.

We produce superior quality products in a small-sized manufacturing environment, where we respect craftsmanship and avoid mass production.


Our policy is "Quality First", so we design, process, assemble and manage our products making quality our first priority. We focus completely on our "core manufacturing technology", maintaining performance and durability into the future.

Both security cameras and machine vision FA cameras are evolving toward "better picture" capabilities. As for lenses, the "input gate" for the picture, "higher definition" is always required. SPACE inc. aims to be a "lens maker for high image quality" based on our original abrasive and AR multicoating technology, leveraging ED glass, aspheric lens, etc.

We make the most of our advantages as an integrated manufacturer that gives us the agility and flexibility to handle special lenses and custom made products specific to our customers.

We will continue to enhance our line-up of affordable, easy to use, high performance motorized zoom lenses to meet market needs.


Spacecom Japan Head Office

Head Office
(R&D, Quality, Sales, Production Control, Metal Mold Production, General Affairs)
1-21-47 Iguchi, Mitaka, Tokyo 181-0011 Japan (Map)
Tel: +81-422-31-8180 / Fax: +81-422-31-8220

Spacecom USA Branch OfficeSPACECOM (USA Office)
13601E. Whittier Blvd., Suite303 Whittier, CA90605, USA (Map)
Tel: +1-562-696-0378
Fax: +1-562-696-0797

Spacecom Factory JapanOotawara Factory
2117-1, Minami kanamaru,
Tochigi 324-0012 Japan


Spacecom ISO9001 Certificate

We are commited to quality improvement and environment protection.
SPACE inc. is ISO9001 certified, complies with the RoHS Directive and makes positive efforts for quality improvement.



We design, develop, and manufacture (glass processing, coating, mould building, moulding of plastic parts, substrate mounting, silk printing, metal part processing), as well as sell lenses for CCTV, surveillance cameras, machine vision and IP cameras.

We have tackled the challenge of developing plastic engineering and moulding technology, and have been a pioneer in this industry. We can readily produce metal parts which are difficult to process because of their form and requirement for a high level accuracy with stable volume and short turnaround times.

The headquarters in Mitaka, Tokyo, is the centre for development, production management, quality assurance, sales and marketing and mold building, while a factory in Ootawara, Tochigi prefecture, takes care of lens processing, coating, print circuit board mounting and product assembly functions.

Trade Fairs

We are presenting our current line-up as well as new lenses around the world at major trade fairs. Have a look at our news section for our upcoming trade fairs.

Social Media

You can find us on Youtube where you can see all our demo videos. Like us on Facebook or subscribe to our RSS feed stay updated with the latest news.


We currently do not have any job opening available.

If you are interested in working for us, send us your resume to and we will contact you when a suitable position opens up.


Please contact us using the contact form here, or email us at

For US customers, please contact our USA office directly.

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